ZAC Chanay Parc

Chanay Parc is a commercialised zone of 22 hectares directly connected to Lyon by the RN6 in twenty minutes, adjacent to the eastern ring road, and less than 15 minutes from Lyon Saint Exupéry airport. The development zone was created and commercialized by Longbow and developed in three phases. The Parc has helped the establishment of industrial, commercial, show room and leisure businesses that have in turn created employment opportunities for the local community.

Phase 1 has seen the establishment of artisanal and industrial activities such as Sauron, MC Levage, Actilys, Exofret, Los Primos, Giberttrans, Madic, Nichrominox …

Phase 2 was focused on trade. Longbow sold land to Guignard Promotion, allowing the establishment of 24 national brands such as Picard, Grande Récré, Vertbaudet, C&A bringing more than 200 jobs to the area.

Phase 3 has seen the development of the SHOW U showroom buildings that supports commercial and craft use. Le Miu, the Asian Wok, Quiz restaurants are located here.