What We Do


Our in-house team has an intricate knowledge of the commercial property sector in the Lyon region. This strategic area is our sole focus and means that we are able to identify, source and bring prime and significant sites to the market. We understand the details and processes involved at all stages of a project and because we know our market, we can quickly adapt to find solutions. For over 25 years, our team has gained an excellent reputation for their expert approach and ability to create schemes that are both positive for the community, investors and end-users. We have a strong track record for success, which includes some of the leading industrial and logistics sites as well as developments in the region.

Local Knowledge

Our ethos is to collaborate with the local communes, planning departments and landowners as we work to secure land for development projects. We are always on the ground, networking and building relationships with local people and organisations. This approach gives us a clear understanding of the community requirements, concerns and potential impact any proposed scheme might have in the locality. Our aim is to present and agree solutions that positively address these points so that the scheme will be supported. Today, we have excellent relationships with several communes and continue to work together with them so that their priorities are met and jobs, infrastructure and economic activity are integrated within the development strategy.

Putting Together the Right Team

Our success relies on our ability to put in place a team that can deliver a positive outcome for each individual project and scheme. We have developed a wide network and excellent relationships with planners, architects, engineers, sustainability specialists, lawyers, contractors and agents here in the Lyon region, more widely in France as well as specialist European and international property companies and agents. Led by our in-house team, we can identify the skills needed and draw on this expertise across all stages of the project to develop creative schemes that are fit for market.